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    Oct 09, 2006
    mac os 9
    Hey guys and gals I got a problem my mac g4 466 is acting crazy...When I turned it on all I get is this folder with a question mark in it that blinks back and fourth to the face icon can anyone help me with this problem? :blind: ...

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    Do Appe Hardware Test. You can download it some places. Not sure where but have you restarted often? After I waited a while on a Powermac at school it finally booted up.

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    Oct 09, 2006
    yea I rebooted about 2 or 3 times but nothing...

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    Oct 09, 2006
    aaron- I think it has something to do with the start-up disk.

    you'll need to boot from a cd (hold down c-during reboot).
    what cd? Maybe a software restore? What do you have?

    then go into the start up disk - and see what it's showing.

    really- just get tiger/panther- it'll be like a new mac again...
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    I believe that your system file is corrupted. Your system is trying to boot, but it fails. That is why you are getting the happy face and the question mark. You will need your bootable OS 9 media, so that you can load a fresh system file.
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    The flashing ? means the system folder can not be found. Use a boot cd to start up, if the hard drive is not on the screen, its crashed. If its there go into the control panel folder ,start up disk,and rebless the hard drive. If you still have problems reinstall the OS. or use nortons disk doctor.

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