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thenewkid 10-03-2006 11:52 AM

iMac reinstallation problem
Hello, Im totally new to Macintosh OS. I personally use Linux, I'm considered to be computer literate therefore my friends give me all those computers to fix for them. Recently i received this iMac. My friend bought it from some school for cheap. He purchased the mac os 9.2 cd and wanted me to install it. I agreed thinking it cant be tough. I was wrong, I discovered that FoolProof service is enabled and i cant really do anything with the computer, not even run the installer application from the installation cd. I tried to boot from the same cd holding C-key down while boot up, but it didnt work either. I found guides on how to baypass the foolproof security measures, but they are rather an advanced texts and as I said im new to the topic. Any help would be greately appreciated. Thanks in advance. If you need some more specific info just let me know.

Mac SK 10-21-2006 12:26 AM

Imacs have firmwear that they need to run.If you nuke the hard drive you MUST install the correct firmwear for your Imac before the Os,its better to have the Imac install dics "Its Orange". You did not say if the machine runs now? Can
you get into the hard drive,is it on the desk top. Go in the system folder and find the "Foolproof " control panel and extentions and trash them. Restart,and they are gone. I would download the correct firmwear for you machine from
Apple and install it first before OS 9 just to be safe. If the firmwear get messed up the machine will not restart. Same goes for installing 10,with out the 10 firmwear update first, Os 10 will burn up the video chip, "Its called death by ten"

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