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    Exclamation help with graphics

    i just bought my first iMac and am loving it :headphone

    my iMac specs are

    -Intel core 2 duo 2.16
    -Ati X1600 256 mb
    -2 gb ram
    -4 L2 cache

    so i tried to install the windows xp and it was so easy and i used the bootcamp, but it seems that the graphics are little low on the windows xp, i mean on the games, i tried to download the driver for the Ati from their website to install it for Windows xp but it didnt accept it, it says "no graphic card found" error.

    i played with the options in the 3D section of the ATI graphics it worked with some games but not other games :rolleyes:

    please help and ill appreciate that :dive:


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    Jan 29, 2005
    Have you got the latest version of bootcamp ? They updated the drivers not so long ago. It's now version 1.1.1 beta.

    If you already have that version and it's not helping then It's possible that because the computer is new that they haven't sorted out the drivers for that model yet. Try doing a search at onmac forums :

    Maybe someone their will be able to help.

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    Thanks Mr Bobbins,

    anyone have any solution for my problem? neye:

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    Jan 29, 2005
    I'm sure it will get sorted out in the end but am afraid that you'll have to wait for an update. I don''t suppose bootcamp is on Apples top list of priorities.

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