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    Unhappy iCab 3.03 printing error
    I have an old PowerPC G3 iMac and have installed iCab 3.03 on Mac OS 9.2. When I try to print web pages the headings come out as blocks not text and the info on the iCab site says this is an error of Mac OS 9 not iCab. To put it right they say I should replace quicktime 6 with version 5. Can you tell me how to do this as I am a relative beginner using the OS.

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    Apple has QuickTime 5 downloads here. You'll need Stuffit Expander to decompress it. You likely have it on your drive somewhere.

    But you'd be installing a downgrade, so I don't know whether that might cause problems. There's a ton of QuickTime extensions and other QuickTime files that likely are all version 6.2 on your machine. I don't know whether QuickTime 5 will replace these, or if it doesn't, whether QuickTime 5 could use them.

    You should download another browser or two (you'd need Stuffit Expander), and try printing with them, first. The "newest" OS 9 Mozilla browser was produced by an outfit called WaMCom and is available here. I'm using it to post this.

    I found a site on the web that still has Internet Explorer for OS 9. There is a "Download the installer" link here. The installer links to yet another link, where you download the application. I clicked on both, and both worked. I cancelled the install before it did anything.

    Try the Mozilla browser first. Download Internet Explorer only if Mozilla doesn't work. If neither of them work, only then try the downgrade to QuickTime 5 (and you should back up your system folder first before doing so, even if that means only duplicating and compressing it with Stuffit).

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