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    Bean Weevil
    Quark Xpress file error
    I am having problems opening a Quark 5.0 file - when I go to open it I get a "Unknown error -116" error.

    *EDIT* I am now getting a "Out of memory -108" error when I do exactly the same thing.

    Anybody know what it means? The document is over 60-pages long and I'd hate to have to reset it!

    Any help in retrieving this file would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try opening it with Markz tools.

    Doesn't always work but it normally salvages a fair chunk of a corrupt document.

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    Bean Weevil
    Thanks - that looks just the job.

    Need to get my hands on a copy now...

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    Yeah, i am having that problem too.
    Don't know the answer. if you find a solution post it.

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    Here's my two cents: Since QXP 5 runs in Classic, you might be able to take care of the memory error by going into 9.2.2 to increase the memory allocation, i.e. click on application, get info, drop down to memory and increase to way big.

    If you can then get your doc to open, try a thumbnail drag to a new doc sized at the bad docs settings. This has fixed a whole bunch of corrupt docs for me.

    Lastly, as a rule of thumb, don't ever let your docs get too long. Try to keep them at 20-30 pages MAX. Beyond that size, corruption is to be expected. You will have to manage a few docs for a single project but time will be saved in the long run.

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