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Thread: Can't Boot from DVD

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    Can't Boot from DVD
    I tried to install Bootcamp, and now whenever I start my Mac I just get a white screen. I've tried putting in the OSX disc, restarting the machine, and holding down the C button, but it doesn't do anything...the disk whirls but nothing shows on the screen.

    If I restart the machine and hold X down, the screen will go black and a small white rectangle will show up, but that's it.

    I think I've totally messed up my machine and I have no idea how to get it back. Help!


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    I know you must have an intel mac but I'm just verifying that info...

    How far into Boot Camp installation did you actually get?

    Did you install XP?

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    Yeah, its an intel mac.
    I went through the Bootcamp install, then put the disk in and clicked the "Install Windows" button. But when i went to do the install, I noticed only one partition showing up (which, after RTFM I now see I shoudl have just accepted). I cancelled the install and went back to OSX.

    Once back in, I re-ran the BootCamp install, but it just gave me options to create the driver disk, install windows, or something I didn't have to re-specify the partition or anything. So I ran Windows again but saw the same single partition (when it asked if I wanted to format it entirely to NTFS, I freaked and didn't want my entire mac disk to get clobbered). I exited out of the installation, Mac rebooted, and I've been seeing the white screen ever since.


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    Update: On the phone with Mac Support. We did the Command+Option+P+R thing to reset the PRAM (look at me talking Mac like I know what it means ), so now when I start it up it chimes...and then displays the white screen o' death. So I'm just on hold while the guy checks with someone else there about some alternate ideas.

    But progress...


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    K, so after all this we've narrowed down the culprit to a missing firmware required for bootcamp. there no way to access low-level machine (I'm thinking of the BIOS with PC's, where I know it'll just look directly at the optical drive instead of hitting anything else first, which is what I'm guessing is happening...Boot Camp is somehow intercepting the initial requests or something...)


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    Update: It may not have been boot camp after all.

    I've taken it into a mac repair depot. They ordered a new logic board, and after installing it voila: they got the screen with the '?' (means can't find hard drive right?). So they then tried to mount the hard drive to other machines, and even externally, and no go; the hard drive is pooched.

    So I'm thinking my issue is more that I got a lemon from the shop than boot camp. I've never heard of beta software actually destroying hardware before.


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    I have the same problem here...a white screen after exiting windows installation, so its a hardware problem..? those are pretty bad news i just got my brand new imac yesterday .... i dont feel good

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    If you just bought it yesterday you should be able to return it for a new one.
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    I guess so, ill go to the store tomorrow. I have found a lot of people with the same problem over the internet, i guess its some kind of bug in the recent intel core 2 duo machines, so if you have one of these dont try boot camp!

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    Well i have the same isure on booting OSX DVD or normal CD OS X tiger ...... just one little different stuff i done, i have formated whole disk to NTFS and installed WinXP without having knolage that wont work correctly. After installation and rebooting Mac half of system driver installed manuel and it worked except Adio, and some UBS drivers couldn't find. But when i atemted to boot Mac OS X 10.46 tiger it wont load in, same **** ****( white screen ) but after some little while loads it into Windows XP. Then i have deleted NTFS partion wanted to boot MacOSX to it dosn't boots. Finaly i have installed five different UNIX OS they all warking great and boot fast and no problems had accured. After all, i went to Mac stores and tried to boot My DVD into iMac's iBooks some of them boots some not with boot camp WinXP couldn't load my DVD , the techniks they don't know about this mac bug either. I have tested 5 computers with seleman ,only to comp loaded MacO*S. And Now Really i dont have any idea about that, Why UNIX, WinXP loads in except Mac. Any one can help me i need that comp alive on bootcam or anyone knows where i can get Mac adudio driver and Vidio drivers on windows platform, Thx in Advance!

    Vidmantas iMac duol2core intel

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