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    X1600 overclock question
    Ok, so this question will sound very ignorant to many of u, and i apologize. I also feel confident I could find it by perusing these boards long enough, but....
    Just to be sure: even if I do overclock the x1600 card in my 17" mbp under XP in boot camp, once booted back into OS X, the card does fall back under control of the Apple drivers... i.e. it will stay overclocked when in XP and revert back to within apple's set limits when in OSX, right?
    It's just that I'm always real cautious with this sort of thing; I understand apple's underclocking in this case being a heat issue given the mbp's thin, 'packed' design. Thanks.

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    A good guide for overclocking
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    Thanks for the response..I've done some research and I know of the inherent riskfor long term hardware damage, overheating, etc. from overclocking. That site is one i had checked out, very informative. But basically i was just hoping someone could verify if a gfx gard overclocked in xp will revert back to apple's 'limits' when back in osx mode on dual boot. THanks.

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    I didn't write that last part. Very sneaky.

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    Yes, the card will drop in speed once OSX boots. The only possible way to keep it overclocked in OSX would be to maybe edit a copy of the BIOS and flash the card. That may or may not work depending on how OSX actually underclocks the card.
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    Thanks for the response Avid. That is what I figured but just wanted to make sure.

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