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Thread: Stupid question, I know.. but.. :(

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    Stupid question, I know.. but.. :(
    Hey guys.. so I just bought Windows XP with SP2 from eBay so I can have it on my MacBook, which should be at my house tomorrow or Saturday! Anyway, on the package it comes with a certified label thing that says "You are required to affix this Certificate of Authenticity to the exterior of the PC." Errr should I really stick it to my MacBook? Or should I just stick it to the CD cover sleeve thing and keep it in a safe place? I know, stupid silly question, but it's buggin me! haha. thanks in advance!

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    no, you don't have to.. just stick it on the sleeve

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurferDude
    no, you don't have to.. just stick it on the sleeve
    k. thanks!! haha. i feel like an idiot

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    Wherever you put it, just don't lose it...if you need to reinstall XP you'll need the serial number from that sticker!

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