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    Viruses in Bootcamp
    is it true that macs can get viruses when using bootcamp?

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    If you are using Windows, it doesn't matter whether its on a mac or a PC, you are subject to malware/viruses/trojans... the whole nine yards.
    It should, however, only affect your Windows partition.
    Oh...and only pretty girls use Macs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by krnk123
    is it true that macs can get viruses when using bootcamp?
    Think about it. A virus is a piece of software written to do malicious acts. Viruses are widespread in windows. You install windows, you can get anything windows can when you'er using that slutty OS.

    (That's my analogy of Windows btw, think about it.. It has so many programs it runs, and it uses constantly, it constantly contracts diseases !)

    A macintosh is hardware. If it's running windows, it can get any virus written for windows. If it's running OS X, it can get any virus written for OS X. This is why if you use windows on mac, you should lock it down tighter than heck (honestly don't even surf the net with it if you want to be paranoid about the fact) and relax onnly when you're in OS X.

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    oh ok thanks

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