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    boot camp question
    when i drag my windows partition more then 32 GB it gives me this messege:

    i was wondering what that specifically means and im wondering if it causes any dilemmas if u choose more then 32 GB for the partition.

    help is always appreciated

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    Windows XP can install in 2 formats. They're called NTFS and FAT32. FAT32 is old, but the files on XP on a FAT32 formatted partition can be accessed and written from OS X. NTFS is more secure and reliable, but the files cannot be modified from OS X.

    Bootcamp just gives you that message to tell you that FAT32 partition cannot exceed 32GB. You can continue on, but you have to remember to format it to NTFS when installing Windows XP.

    If you're installing Vista, you will not be able to partition in FAT32 because Vista only formats in NTFS (from my experience).

    Hope that helped.

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    thanks for the help

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