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    whats a better solution . . .
    i have an Intel Imac, 2.0 GHZ Core Duo, 1.5 GHZ of RAM running Tiger

    whats a better solution for botting Windows... Parallels Desktop or the BootCamp Beta?

    i want to boot windows only for Gaming purposes and to use 3d studio Max

    i need opinions, feedback is appreciated


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    Parallels doesn't support 3D graphics yet so bootcamp
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    cool, thanks for the feedback

    i got another question.. has anyone here using bootcamp for gaming and 3d graphics? how is it compared to using a PC for that sort of stuff?

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    Paralells you are running Windows below Macintosh.
    So imagine:
    you are running Windows AND OS X at the same time.
    Even if your video card is supported in paralells, there is no way it will compete 100% with bootcamp windows.

    Now if you go open Microsoft Office in Parallels, you probably won't notice the difference between paralells and bootcamp. But go start up a game that takes up 512mb of ram you'll notice it in a heartbeat.


    When you use bootcamp, you are running Windows *natively*. That means there is no OS X backend, the performance is so well done it is as if you were running it on a PC itself of the exact same hardware! I have tested video game performance and it has been the same as if you were playing on a PC.

    Ram doesn't have ghz btw... but with 1.5 gb of ram you should be just fine with playing games out there via bootcamp.

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    Jul 12, 2006
    Ram doesn't have ghz btw...
    ahahah my bad about that, i wasnt watching my own typing, anyways, thanks a great deal for the feedback, i really appreciate it.. ill definetly consider the boot camp beta

    sorry to be a burden, but i ahve one more concern about boot camp . . i am aware of the partition that i will have to create . . say if i want to remove that partition and just have OS X running on my computer just as i had before installing boot camp, how easy of a process would that be?

    again im sorry for being an annoyance


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