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    Printing on a shared windows printer....
    Hi all,

    i am trying to acheive what is aparently a relativly easy task to complete.

    I have a windows XP Home laptop with a printer connected to it. I have this printer shared and file and printer sharing is enabled on the laptop.

    I have recently bought myself a Macbook(man im love!) and i want to be able to print from my macbook using the shared windows printer. I dont want to connect this printer directly to my mac(for reasons i dont need to go into) it has to be done via the shared windows laptop.

    I downloaded the printer driver for Mac OS 10.4 for the printer in question and installed the software.
    I have also enabled Windows Sharing in the shared section of system preferences.

    So on the Macbook i went to the printer setup utility in applications/utilites

    I click add and at the bottom of the printer browser i click more printers. From the top drop down list i choose windows printing and from the second drop menu i choose workgroup.
    From the list of available computers i choose my windows laptop, click choose and then login using the same account as on the windows OS.
    I then see the shared printer that i am trying to setup. i select the printer and leave the printer model as generic(i will go into why in a moment) then i click add. Now aparently from what i read thats all i need to do. But it doesnt work. When i try to print i get a NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL message and it retrys every 60 secs.

    Ok, the generic printer model part was left as generic becuase if i try and choose canon then find the model of the printer it isnt there. I thought that as i had installed the OSx driver for that canon it would be present i nthe list but i was wrong. There is a section in the printer model list where i can click other and i get prompted to locate a file. Now im guessing this is the driver file for the printer driver i installed. But where is it?

    I am guessing this is my problem but as i am new to the mc experience i thought id ask for some advice.

    I look forward to heasring your responses :doctor:


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    Name of Printer?

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    canon 4200

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    One thing to check as I had this problem: Make sure the name of the windows shared printer is less than 13 characters. I tried absolutely everything but could not print before because of a stupid printer name.

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    i'm having a similar problem.

    i have a windows network with an hp laserjet 1100 connected. I successully added the printer, but when I give a print command, it says completed on my macbook, but on the server, it says error printing. i've installed the gutenprint, so there's no problem there.

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    it's simple, leopard print to a vista shared printer


    hey guys, to everyone who struggling print to a vista shared printer from you leopard, here is a link after a serious digging out.

    thanks to the anonymous contributor. anyway, this is the best 100% working method.

    but one thing I did learn today, a network printer is different to a shared printer. **** this, if you google, google for a vista shared printer. then you're half way done. (a network printer refers to a printer has its own IP, and can be hooked up with a wired/wireless router regardless what machine you're using on your network, correct me if I'm wrong)

    cheers, mate, you will be appriciated the method list in the link, works just in 3 minutes.

    at last. got it figured out. hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The link you gave goes no where

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