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    Controling the Desktop from the macbook
    Hi guys,

    Just curious to know if anyone has any ideas about making this possible.

    My macbook sits right beside my windows xp desktop. They are both connected via a wireless network at home. Would it be possible to use my macbook to select songs to play on my desktop(which is connected to some much nicer speakers than the built-in macbook ones)? Thanks for reading this!

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    You can use VNC to control remote machines, check out Chicken of the VNC for a nice OS X VNC client.

    I'm not too sure how easy this is to set up with a windows/mac network though, but AFAIK it should be doable.

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    If you're using XP Pro on the PC, you don't need any additional software for the desktop. Just grab a copy of Microsoft's Remote Desktop for Mac

    If you're using XP home, then you'll need VNC.

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