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chincheck13 07-29-2006 12:22 AM

Help With Mac Drivers/Internet In XP via Boot Camp
Hey, everyone! I recently purchased a MacBook (first Mac purchase ever) and am EXTREMELY pleased. I have had some problems though, and thought I'd post and see if anyone could help me out.

My problem is running Windows XP via Boot Camp. I downloaded Boot Camp a few weeks back, installed, and burned the Mac Drivers for XP. Installed XP fine, and went to install the Mac Drivers off the disc I burned. This is where I ran into some problems. I completed about 99% of the Mac Drivers install before I got a message that I couldn't complete the installation all the way because of an error. Well, some of the drivers must have installed because I noticed that my eject button WAS working. So, I kind of shrugged it off and tried connecting to the internet. Couldn't do it. My network adapter was showing up, but no internet activity was present. I was wondering if this was a Mac Driver issue? I can connect to the internet on OSX just fine, no problems at all. Also, I've noticed that sometimes when I shut down or restart Windows that it will lockup at the shutdown screen. Another driver error maybe? Any suggestions for this would help. My biggest concern is connecting to the net in XP.

I also wanted to mention that I realize Boot Camp has been updated recently with new drivers. I downloaded the newest Boot Camp last night and burned a new drivers CD through that, but had the same problems trying to install in XP. Would I need to uninstall all versions of Boot Camp and maybe download the newest version again and try that? I didn't delete the older installation I had of Boot Camp because I'm new to Mac and still getting used to the OS. Not sure how to completely remove programs yet.

Thanks in advance guys. And I apologize if this has been a past topic, but I have done my homework through Google and I'm not finding much help at all. That's why I figured I'd post here. Thanks!

BlindingLights 07-29-2006 12:42 AM

Is your copy of Windows XP SP2? You can't use a standard XP Install CD (without SP2) and upgrade to SP2. Also, you can't use OEM disks, and it has to be ONE Installation DVD disk. Read the Boot Camp Manual for specifications.

chincheck13 07-29-2006 12:54 AM

Hmm..just checked my CD.

I used a Windows XP SP1A disc that came with my PC that I purchased from IBuyPower. I assume this is the problem?

The main reason I was wanting to use Windows XP was to be able to play some of the games for Windows. Is there any other type software I could use to do this?

baggss 07-29-2006 12:59 AM

Yes, you have to use an XP SP2 disc.

Be careful about using the OEM disc. The legality of doing so is questionable and is frowned upon here.

BlindingLights 07-29-2006 09:14 PM

You need a FULL Windows XP SP2 Install disk. You could "slipstream" it so that it's a full install with SP2. Google "slipstream XP SP2" and you should find some results, also check, i know they have a solution.

Otherwise go out and buy a full SP2 copy.

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