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    Angry Mac files missing extensions
    We have a Tecra raid array server which houses over 70 gig of mac files (quark, jpg, etc). We have moved the data over to a windows 2003 folder running apple talk of course. The files on the Tecra station have become corrupted, I guess, and the files seemed to have lost their extensions. The mac users now have to add an extension to each of the files before they can open them up and work on them. Any idea on why this happened and is there a way to rename all files, but first reconizing what type of file it is then adding the appropiate extension to it via a script


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    well, if they're all jpegs or quark etc etc for each different file type do this for one file type each.

    Go to
    get info...
    go to open with
    and choose the application
    and click change all

    this should solve you're problem without having to put on the extensions.

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