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    BF2 disk drive and installation problems (Windows XP Home on a MBP)
    So I've taken the leap and installed Windows XP Home on my MacBook Pro. It makes me cringe.

    It was not an easy process. Installing Windows took me about 4 hours. There would be an error, I would have to eject the disk, reboot, and the promised 39 minutes seemed to be 5 times slower than it actually was. By the time I got Windows installed it seemed to be running ok, until yesterday.

    Yesterday, I tried to install Battlefield 2 Deluxe Edition onto Windows. I inserted the first disc (1 of 5) and my MBP spit it right back out. This happened almost 10 times until finally when viewing "My Computer", the MBP accepted the disk. I then started to install. It froze up a couple of times, so I restarted. Same problem: the MBP wouldn't accept the disk. It finally did, I started install and it finally went. And then, about 4 or 5 percent of the way in, it stopped and said somethign along the lines of "BF2 installation failed, please restart install from the beginning". I did, and got the same message.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you install the mac driver disk? The problems sound more like device drivers/hardware malfunction of your CDrom drive than it does anything windows specific.

    4 hours?!?!?!?!?! what is your macbook, a 450mhz? lol. actually my 450mhz installed WinXP SP 2 in about 2 hours...

    Heck your choppy performance all over sounds like a wigged out CD drive. Did you have any problems in OS X with it?

    That or clean your CD drive + the CD's you're using to copy. constantly having to restart are from input/output errors. Where that is? either the discs or the drive.

    Actually now that i think about, MBP have had a BUTTLOAD of issues.

    Go to the Discussion forums.

    By the way: installed Win XP pro SP 2 on my mac mini. It was flawless. No errors. Nothing. Clean install. Runs 100% for the hardware specs. I can't even tell it's on a macintosh.

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