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    pdf plugin for firefox on a macbook?
    Just got my first mac, a new macbook, yesterday, and I'm starting to get things working.

    Next on the list is a plugin to view pdfs in Firefox. I downloaded "PDF Browser Plugin 2.2.3", put the .plugin file in my /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder, and restarted Firefox, but it doesn't work. In Firefox preferences under download actions for pdf it says no plugins available.

    Has anyone gotten this to work on an intel mac? The Adobe plugin says it requires G4/G5. Can these things run under Rosetta somehow?

    If it wasn't obvious, I'm a mac newbie, so please be gentle.

    At the very least, is there a way to stop Firefox from both opening the pdf and saving it to the desktop, forcing me to delete?


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    This plugin is not Intel compatible.

    You actually have the solution...Do a Get Info on FireFox and set to run Under Rosetta. Then the plugin will work.

    The caveat is this will impact the performance of FireFox since it will no longer be running native.

    Still no Intel native version at this late date.

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