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Thread: Problems with Boot Camp on MBP

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    Problems with Boot Camp on MBP
    I got a MacBook Pro 2.0Ghz a couple of days ago. Very nice machine but I'm having major issues with getting Boot Camp to work. On first boot I registered my Mac and it told me I had a bunch of updates to apply, including a CSM firmware update. I applied them all at once, it rebooted and said CSM was updated. Then I tried to install BootCamp but it complained about needing newer firmware. I looked and found out there was a different firmware update, 1.0.1, for the MBP so I installed that too and BootCamp was OK with things. I partitioned the disk with BC, burned the drivers CD, and rebooted with XP CD in the drive. Instead of seeing the Windows install starting I get a corrupted screen with patches of colors all over. I've tried several different XP SP2 CDs and none have worked (all same result). So then I figured I'd try restoring (or at least try - heard the firmware will only fall back if the firmware installed is corrupted or otherwise incomplete) the firmware. I got the Firmware Restoration CD off, burned it, and proceeded to boot from it by holding down the "C" key on a reboot. It did the exact same thing the XP CD did! Now I know the system can indeed boot from a CD, because I reinstalled OS X in troubleshooting this problem by rebooting while holding Option to get the boot choices menu and choosing the DVD 1 of the install.

    Anyone know what's going on here? Is this a corrupted firmware thing? If so how can I resolve it?
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    Some images of what the screen looks like when the machine goes down for a reboot to begin the XP install (and curiously what it looked like after that when I powered off and back on while holding the mouse button to have it eject the XP disk, which it did and then did the screen thing again). I had to power off and then back on while holding Option in order to be able to choose the hard disk and boot back to OS X.
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    ahh, you have what's called Kernel Panic. I'm really not experienced enough with macs to exactly know what this is, but I know it's not good. Your macbook's fine, but you'll need to do some -----

    you might wanna re-install OS X, then try installing Boot Camp...

    oh and before you install windows go over to apple's website and download the firmware from the site (Intel) i think it's early april or early something. that works.
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