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    Boot Camp and Parallels
    Bootcamp works fine on my MacBook Pro and Parallels as well. Parallels is more convenient for switching back to the "real world" tho'.
    One question I have is the following......I have to connect my pda via a usb port and utilise the ActiveSync program. This works fine in Bootcamp but not in Parallels. The usb connection to my pda is not recognised or shown anywhere. I've been through the setup guide and everything seems to be in order....any ideas please?

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    have you got the latest version of parallels? As USB support was only recently added to it

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    Boot Camp and Parallels
    I have played around with Boot Camp and Parallels for the the last couple of weeks, not on a supremely professional level but mainly on a user friendly level and have found (for what suits ME and only ME) is that although Parallels seems to work faster and has the great advantage of being able to switch rapidly from one OS to the other, what you can do with it may be, at the moment limited.
    I basically want to connect with a program in Windows that requires the use of MS ActiveSync. It works fine with Boot Camp, no hang ups at all, but with Parallels basically not at all. I have tried with 3.8, 4.1 and 4.2 MS ActiveSync versions and all results are the same.
    I have spoken with a local Apple centre, not at all biased of course (!!!), and the only explanation they can offer is that Boot Camp is an Apple product for the Mac and Parallels is in it's present state third party software (always a potential hazard with Windows!!). So until Boot Camp becomes fully integrated and hopefully "switchable" or Parallels becomes more compatible............!!
    Any input please........

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    Parallel and boot camp on a Macbook
    I have a macbook and have parallel installed with windows xp and it works fine. I am thinking of installing boot camp but not sure what will happen. When I boot up each time will it ask me what o/s to use and will boot camp use the same programs on the parallel window partition or will I have to install everything all over again.


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    Inflexion is right, you may need a newer version of Parallels with full USB support.
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    My version of Parallels has USB support and I have no problem connecting things.. but sometimes I have to change which USB device is connected on bottom right where the disk drive incons are etc... has that got anything to do with it?


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