I hope someone can help, I am in a bit of a panic.
My brother came to visit over the weekend and needed to send some files from his mac laptop (os9) per email to a client. As i was already online with my pc laptop, we decided to transfer the files with a usb stick to my pc and send them with his webmail. We have transfered files per usb before with no problems.

This time however, as we were using the usb stick i use for work, he created two folders so as not to mix up our data. In doing this, the (apparent) size of the files if viewed on my pc has rocketed up to between 20 and 30 GB (yes GBs) when they are only between a few hundred Kbs and a few MB in size.

We could not even view the stick anymore on the mac, it just crashed if we tried to open it.

My brother has taken the stick back home with him to try and fix it on his home mac (os x) and sas he can see the files the same as me on my pc (ie wrong names)

Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance