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    Question Mac OS 9 hanging on boot
    A friend of mine, when trying to reboot into classic mode on her mac, accidentally clicked on a wrong folder "or some crap" as she said. Now when she boots it just shows the startup smiley face and does nothing else. She cannot boot from a cd or access anything.

    Another thing that is a problem is that she had os 9.0.4 but you are supposed to have 9.2.2 which she didn't know.. she thought you just had to have 922 to run classic thru os x she thought it didn't matter if you rstarted it under the classic mode. I am unsure if this is another cause to the problem or not.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. If someone has a definate solution I would appreciate it if it could be emailed to so that I can get it as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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    You should be able to hold down x to force the computer to boot into osx as the computer starts up (if the mac has an osx system installed on it).
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