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    memory stick problem in OS X
    After dragging text files on and off a memory stick in OS X, the memory stick now indicates that its capacity is full, even though I cannot physically see any files on the memory stick window. At this moment, I can't seem to access any potential files still on the memory stick and I can't add any new files on it.

    Any tips on how to access and delete the apparent files still on the memory stick?
    I tried looking for a "reformat" memory stick option but couldn't find one.
    I'm a new memory stick user but I figured dragging files on and off the stick would be all that is required.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Empty the trash. The files will have been moved of the memory stick in theory but in practice still remain there until you empty the trash.

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    Thanks for the tip!
    Works great.

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    I had the same problem so thanks also.


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    And that is how it also works on your Windows PC, if you have one. Moving to trash does zilch until such time as the trash is emptied with the stick still attached.

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    You can also zip around in the terminal window to the stick. I've found that when swapping a stick between Windows, Linux and Mac there can often be a ton of "invisible" files hanging out that I no longer care to keep.

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