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    Changing file type of bin and hqx from PC to Mac
    Hi, I have an Apple Macintosh Proforma 580CD, and I wanted to get it up and
    running as a web surfing machine it has Mac OS 8.1 on it. I have tried to
    download a installation of internet explorer with a bin and hqx extension.
    (I know it works differently on macs), but this is my point. The mac does
    not have a browser installed and the only way I can get a file on it is
    through a Win 2000 server as I have no other macs. Does any one know how to
    change the file so that I can download a browser installer on win 2k server
    and install it on the mac?

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    Check your system install cd's. I don't remember when Apple started putting browsers on them, but its been a while.

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