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Thread: Best Windows VNC client for Mac host?

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    Best Windows VNC client for Mac host?
    I have an older Mac Mini that is on 24/7. I almost always use it through VNC. The monitor is a 32" LCD display, as it is mainly used as an HTPC.

    It is quite easily to use the Mini from another Mac with built in screen sharing. Yet I am left underwhelmed when using a Windows VNC client. So far I've tried UltraVNC and RealVNC. The keyboard is awkward. For example, I can't use Cmd-Space for spotlight. I have to click it with a mouse in the menu bar. And the Mac track pad gestures don't work through VNC. A Windows VNC client destroys the Mac user experience.

    I have an OS X app I use a lot and can't use it from Boot Camp.

    Is there a better way to remote into a Mac from a Windows box?

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    Moved you here to this forum as it's not a Switcher topic.

    Having never used a VNC client from Windows to access my Mac(s) I have no idea which works best, but I suspect they all will suffer from the same lack of Mac experience you're looking for.

    Anyway, take a look at this list. Some are free, others are not.

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