So, I switched back to the Mac and as I need some Windows only apps for work I upgraded my VMWare Fusion from 5 to 6 to take advantage of the new MBP and Win 8.1.

It's all running smoothly and I must say, very quickly - you really wouldn't know it was a VM.

One thing that is really killing my productivity is the back button on my mouse (Logitech MX Performance) is basically just moving the window around the screen - snapping it to the left, right and then back to where it was.

I've put the mouse/keyboard on the Mac Profile to no avail and can't find anywhere else that I can modify the button setup. In OS X the mouse works perfectly as the driver has been installed.

Can anyone help on this, as it is driving me nuts, such a simple thing but when you need to hit the back button on explorer windows it really shows how much you use the feature!!

Thanks in advance.