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    Using an old PC hard drive on my Macbook Pro
    I have a Macbook Pro, however a few years ago, i had a Dell laptop that broke down, so recently, i ripped it apart, took out the hard drive and fitted it in an external case.

    I was wondering 2 things,

    1) Seeing as my old hard drive has Windows on it, is it possible to boot up windows on my Mac from the old external hard drive? If so, how?

    2) If not, how can i get/read my old files and whatnot from the old hard drive.

    Sorry i'm not particularly computer savy


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    You can't boot Windows from an external hard drive without a hack. MS prevents booting that way to discourage piracy. You can however, read and write to the drive by installing a driver on your Mac. The only driver we recommend is Paragon NTFS from Paragon software $19.95.

    If you only wish to copy files from the Windows drive, you can do that without a special driver, however, you may run into permissions and ownership problems that way.

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