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    Blue screen on startup
    Hello all, I recently did a clean install of windows 8 on my partitioned mac hard drive via boot camp. Originally when I finished setup with windows, installing bootcamp drivers etc. windows would only recognize my integrated graphics. I have an intel 3000 integrated as well Nvidia Geforce GT 650m. The graphics card was not switching to the dedicated card regardless of what I was doing, playing a graphics heavy game etc. I went to Nvidia's website and downloaded their latest driver and installed it. This seemed to have fixed the issue as windows began using my dedicated card as the primary. However, ever since then, I get a blue screen on bootup. The blue screen forces a restart and when it boots after the restart, everything works fine. Has anyone else come across this issue or have any more experience with this? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Just FYI, I did not remove any software regarding the integrated graphics chip before installing the dedicated graphics drivers. Could this be the problem? I went into Device Manager and attempted to see if I could disable the integrated chip that way, however since I installed the Nvidia drivers, the integrated chip does not show up in Device Manager.

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    Other users have reported problems with dual graphics when booting to Windows via Boot Camp. One thing that may help is to switch your GPU to the nVidia graphics prior to booting to Windows 8. You can do that with the free "gfxCardStatus", download LINK is here.

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