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Thread: Install Win 8 on Air 3,1

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    Install Win 8 on Air 3,1

    Really struggling with Windows 8 on BootCamp on my Air at the moment.
    The USB I have (Intenso Rainbow 64GB) is not recognised and does not give me an option to boot from a flash drive. I found a fix where you copy and edit the Info.plist file adding the value <string>bootromnumber</string> but this doesn't work on my machine. I have an ISO and a DMG of Windows but despite several attempts at partitioning the Air and the USB I have had no luck.

    I know it can run on my machine but it's frustrating not knowing why it wont. I'm sure it's something small and obvious but any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    First, have you followed the instructions as given in the Boot Camp Assistant? And since your new MacBook Air does not have an optical drive, you should be able to install via USB. You stated the USB flash drive you're using is not recognized. What do you mean it's not recognized? When you plug the drive into the USB port on the Air, does it mount?

    In the meantime, suggest watching the following video: LINK

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    When I plug in my USB it is recognised as a additional drive but when I try to boot from it using Bootcamp it disappears and does not present an option to start from removable media. None of the keyboard short cuts are working.

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    How are you creating the USB installer?

    At what point are you in the bootcamp guide?

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