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    Migrate Thunderbird to MAC

    Newb to Mac world - moving from Ubuntu to new iMac. How do I move everything under THUNDERBIRD on Ubuntu (profile, email, contacts, etc.) from Ubuntu to Mac? Think I know how to COPY/PASTE ".thunderbird" folder to thumbdrive within Ubuntu. Where I do NOT know what to do is when I need to bring on to iMac? So, instructions please so I can make this happen.

    So far, iMac rocks! Have pretty much got everything "customized" the way I had everything on the Ubuntu (PC). Just need to get Thunderbird working.

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    You just need to copy your thunderbird profile to

    /Users/[Your account]/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/[your profile]/
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    Again, newb here with Mac - so, where do I find /Users.......

    Still trying to navigate my way around - assume there is a MyComputer or some such where I find this - where do I find that

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