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    Ok, I have windows 7 on bootcamp and for a few days up until earlier this morning, my mac wouldn't driver wouldn't load. When I would switch from Bootcamp to OS X it wouldn't go to the log in screen like it usually does. It would stay at the white screen w/ the apple in the middle and the loading icon below it. I left it for a few hours and it still was on that screen.

    So I tried to fix it myself. I went to the Recovery HD. I tried to repair and it would, said an error every time. So I deleted it and Installed it again, but I could only install it on the bootcamp hd.

    I want to download windows 7 again. I still have an Untitled hd. How do I install and run windows when I'm already on bootcamp?

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    You need to re-install OS X, but this time the correct way. You didn't mention which version of OS X you're using, but I assume it's either Lion or Mountain Lion.

    You need to boot to the Recovery Partition, use Disk Utility to erase the partition and remove the Boot Camp partition. Then, use the partitioning option from Disk Utility to create a single partition on the hard drive and name it Macintosh HD. Reinstall OS X on that partition. (Internet recovery) Once OS X is installed and running right, you can again try to create a Boot Camp partition with the Boot Camp assistant and install Windows 7. You'll also need to download drivers from Apple for Windows 7 which you do from the Boot Camp assistant.

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