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    Failed Bootcamp... loss of 200GB
    Hey guys, this afternoon i decided to install windows on to my Mac via Bootcamp, i selected a 200gb partition for Windows and began the process. the partition got stuck about 1/4 of the way through and after an hour or so of not moving i became impatient and quit the process (stupid i know) how ever now i have lost the 200gb of space. i have spend the last 2 hours trying to find a way to get this space back. i can't use bootcamp to remove the partition as it didn't finish doing it and i have tried using the disk utility but there is no partition to delete or merge etc etc the 200gb is shown as 'other' in my storage.... please please please help someone i have also tried running a few Terminal codes with no luck
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    Always run a verify of the hard drive before attempting to use Boot Camp. I don't know why the partitioning froze on you but it may have run into a bad block during the process - just my guess.

    Anyway, now your only recourse is probably to erase the drive, format it as a single partition, and reinstall OS X. Hopefully, you made a backup before attempting to use the Boot Camp Assistant? You didn't mention which version of OS X you're running but you'll either use your install disk or an internet reinstall (Lion or Mountain Lion). And don't forget to verify your hard drive before attempting to use Boot Camp again.

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