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    Jim, I have a real newbie question. I have had my Win 7 disk for some time, and don't remember if it is a full install or upgrade. On the disk it has the words, Upgrade, and under that "Includes Anytime upgrade"I have used this disk to re-install my system and was give the choice of Upgrade Or Full, so I assume it to be full install, know it sounds stupid, but I want to be sure as I need it for a program, (Parallel desktop 8), that requires a full install Win.7 and this does not seem to work, of course it could be something else, just trying to eliminate all problems. Thanks,

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    If the disk says upgrade then it's an upgrade edition. The only difference between an upgrade edition and full install edition is the full install does not require proof of a previous eligible Windows license. That's the reason why an upgrade edition can be used to do a full install provided a previous eligible edition is being upgraded. (Microsoft EULA)

    You can buy an OEM full install edition of Windows 7 directly from Parallels while you're installing. It will be downloaded as an iso and installed at the same time to the VM.

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