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    Boot Camp hangs at Apple Logo
    Running Windows 7 in a boot camp partition on my 2012 Mac Mini (OSX 10.8.2). About an hour ago, I tried to select "BOOTCAMP" from the Startup Disk menu, but It wasn't there. It then occurred to me that I was running the partition in VMWare Fusion 5. After shutting down the VM, "BOOTCAMP" now appears in the Startup Disk menu, but if I select it and click "Restart," the computer shuts down, starts back up, makes the startup sound, hangs on the white apple logo screen for a while, shuts back down, starts back up, and the whole process starts back up again. I am able to hold down option on startup, select OSX from the boot menu, and boot back into OSX, which is how I am typing this now. I can still boot into Windows using VMWare Fusion, but this is insufficient for my needs (Microsoft Flight Simulator). Provided the Virtual MAchine is not running, BOOTCAMP appears in my list of volumes, and I can look at the files on the bootcamp partition.

    Is there anything I can do, or do I have to erase the partition and start over?

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    You need to repair your Windows 7 boot sector which has likely become corrupt or even missing. It's been a long standing problem when folks try to use their Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine. The same error occurs with XP and Vista. My advice: Either run Windows 7 from a direct boot (Boot Camp) or from Fusion, but not both.

    How to repair Windows 7

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