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    Fusion unity question
    Teaching my wife new things can be quite frustrating. I just switched to an iMac after a lifetime of PCs and finding it painful to drag her with me (I've been using a MacBook Pro since 2009 so I'm pretty far along). I have VMWare Fusions so we can use Quicken, the Mac version be woefully inadequate and we have too much time and data invested to switch.

    That said, When Fusion is in Unity mode (each Windows application loads in it's own window within OSX) I can open Quicken directly by right-clicking my way through some VMWare options on the dock. Problem is that's "too complicated" fro my wife.

    Does anyone know a way to create a shortcut on the dock that will open Quicken or the data file directly?


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    You might wanna take a look at this: VMware KB: Adding Windows applications to your Mac's Applications folder using VMware Fusion

    I don't know the details of it as I don't use Unity myself (I can't since I screwed up VMware tools by making the virtual machine think its a real PC for a few games). However, I think the link above may be what you're looking for. Once it puts the VMware windows program apps in your applications folder, it'll simply be a matter of dragging what you want to the dock just like any other mac app.

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