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    Sync iTunes library between bootcamp and mac
    I was wondering if anyone has found a way to synch an iTunes library.

    Can I install iTunes and point it to the library file and have it updated? I know Windows can write to FAT32 but I haven't been able to alter files on my mac hard drive (admin privledges).

    Probably good for security.

    But wondering what do yall do with iTunes? I've recently started letting iTunes organize my folders so my best option would probably be to run iTunes.

    Thanks for your help.

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    The only way I think it would be possible is if you either install a third party piece of software that let's windows access your mac partition or vice versa. Then it would simply be a matter of both installations of iTunes being directed to the same iTunes folder on your machine (i've seen tutorials for this... mostly people reprogramming their iTunes to put music on an external hard drive but same concept). I'd imagine you'd have to be careful with settings as the two iTunes versions might fight over organization and if you update one, you have to update the other as well for the library to be compatible.

    Outside of that idea, I got nothing. Boot camp generally sets up a partition (which is treated like an entirely different hard drive). Thus your mac thinks its a whole different computer when its on windows than when its on mac.

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    There are indeed tools that let you read write to the Mac partition (like HFS+ for Windows from Paragon).

    However, unless you really really need to have iTunes on both Bootcamp and OSX I'd advise against it. There's no easy way to auto sync the two. It takes manual work once you add anything to the library.
    There, again, sync tools but it's still a tricky management game.

    If you just want to play the music there are many apps for Windows that will just monitor a folder and play files.

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