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    Red face Running Mint on a mac!
    a friend of me told me that he could not get to install and or run Linux Mint 14
    on a MacBook Pro with a processor; 2.2 GHz, Inte; Core 2 duo & 2 GB 667MHz SDRam ... and graphics/Display; NVIDIA Gforce 8600 GT. and a 500GB hard drive!!!

    he mention that because of this configuration; the Linux MINT 14 would not be compatible with this macbook pro. Apparently because it is over 3 years old!!
    I would be glad to know this isn't true! I mean that some drivers on the
    "Linux Mint"system are not compatible with the macbook pro!

    at the same time i would like to know the same thing with an iMac which has a processor
    of 2,8 GHz Intel Core Duo & @GB *MHz DDR2 SDRAM ??
    i love to have this linux mint on my imac... just because i have a 13" MacBook Pro less than a year old!! I love my imac i love to know if it is possible to install the "Mint 14"

    thank you very much for your support & information!!

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    I believe if you install Linux Mint 14 using virtual software that it will work. In other words, don't try to use Boot Camp to install it. You can download the free VirtualBox software from here.

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    Debian Lenny, Squeeze and Wheezy, and the distros Knoppix, Mint and Slackware work just fine under Virtualbox on both a 2011 MBAir and any Mini that I have tried. (Lion or MLion). VB makes a Mac into a great little Linux platform.

    As to native mode...
    Putting raw Linux (with no OSX) on a Mini can be done without too much trouble. As to the MBPs, that can be done also, but not necessarily all that easily. You will need to know enough to be able to at least compile a kernel on a native Linux machine and move it over to the Mac. And you will be doing a LOT of compiling at about an hour per shot. And also a lot of googling to find some of the nitty-gritty stuff.

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