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    MacBook Pro Retina Bootcamp - Install 7 to External?
    Hey guys,

    I have my MBP here and at one time I had Windows 7 dual booted on it but I removed it due to spacial constraints. I do have a 2TB USB 2 drive and 16GB of RAM so I can easily use that but how does one successfully install to an external and boot from it on a rMBP? I tried earlier and it doesn't seem to want to take it. I'd like very much to be able to play Skyrim and Oblivion without paying for some virtualization software. (My needs for other software, Crossover does the job.)

    Anyone here know what the status is? Windows 8 MAY be a possibility if someone can confirm that:

    Skyrim and Oblivion fully work on it, along with most/all mods, TES CS/Creation Kit

    And the best free start button restorer. I hate Windows 8's interface, I have to use it work and it sucks

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    Check out this Mac OS Hint from the Hints Forum run by MacWorld Magazine. The author shows how to legally install Windows 7 on an external hard drive using the Boot Camp assistant. Let us know if this works for you. LINK

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    Thanks, I will when I do more with my physics work I have to do tonight (I'm behind, sadly)

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