How about Sonic/Roxio paying up on their $20 update rebate? Hundreds are being screwed by this horrible PC loving outfit, including myself. My loyality has slipped below zero! Sell it back to someone who supports the Mac and has a customer service department, be professional!

Here is a major software company which I have supported by updates of Toast since version 3, they are now into version 7. They make a good product, but their customer service is nonexistent!
They promised a $20 rebate with an early upgrade. I then got two cards, one saying it was accepted and the other said I had submitted two entries, which I did not. I did not know their intent so I waited until the 10 long weeks passed. No payment happened, so I tried to write an email only to find that it's automated. They recommend you call long distance at your cost to Canada. When I finally figured that an email, although most difficult, was possible, I found their reply was not able to be answered, it's a no-reply address, real nice!
When I tried to go to their user forum to complain, I was silenced; locked out.
They said it would be sent, but now we are past the second deadline. I begin to call them liars by now, and worse.
This is not the way software companies should support their faithful, and I want my **** rebate!TOAST IS TOAST! :blind: