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Thread: QT Movie for Slideshow

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    QT Movie for Slideshow
    Recollect seeing an app that provided slideshow of pics to QT movie
    The app format was in form of a photo album with turning pages so that you clicked on bottom right to turn the page to next set of pics on the page.
    Cant remember what the app was or where I saw it.
    Makes great online presentation feature for photo album to client.
    Would appreciate it if anyone can help with source.

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    Thanks but wasnt iPhoto.
    Had already checked its Pageflip out, but humungous size for web/email, plus no interactive page links - apart from controller.
    This app allowed you to create QT movie of background photo album, with simple bottom left/right page interactive link to turn the pages to next or previous pic or set of pics. Think output was about 25% size of iPhoto result.
    It didnt have any music, effects etc like iPhoto from what I can remember - just simple background spiral-bound album graphic which you could add pics to page then create QT with page turn tabs

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