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    os 9.2.1 on performa 6200?
    I got a performa 6200 with os 8.6 on it. I want to install 9.2.1, but the cd wont boot on the 6200.

    this cd does boot on my g4.

    any ideas why its NOT booting on the 6200? When I try, I get the bomb and error: 1010


    Im sure that 9.2.1 would work on this performa, but cant install it unless I get the cd to boot.

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    The 6200 does not support newer than 9.1. You can get 9.2x to install by using OS 9 Helper. You can get info and links for using 9.2x on older Macs at

    As a general rule if the computer does not have built-in USB ports you are limited to 9.1 or older for a normal install.

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    no usb as a rule?
    i Have 9.2.2 on my 233Mhz Wallstreet with no usb ports

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    Apple has a system compatibility chart at: You can also look up specific models in the MacTracker program. In any case there are very few non-USB models are supported for systems later than 9.1.

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