Note: I posted this in hardware and other peripherals, but thought I would post here too, just in case anyone familiar with OS 9 / 10 would only be checking here.

I have a G4 mac tower(4 years old). I upgraded OS 10 to Jaguar a year ago. I also have OS 9. Recently bought a 23" HD Cinema Display with the ADC connection. I know it requires 10.2 or better. If I boot into 10 I have no problems. I can even switch into 9 and it works fine, which surprised me, I wasn't sure it would work. Booting into 9 does not work, but that is not a problem. The problem is going back to 10. When I switch to 9, and then go back to 10, the screen goes dark. The only way to get it back is to plug my old vga monitor in so that I can shut down from 10 and then reboot from 10 with the ADC 23" connected. I don't use 9 all the time, but in my graphics field there are times I need to go back to nine because of the fonts the job is using, they aren't in OS 10 or are screwed up. Is there a way, or a display setting that will allow me to jump between 9 and 10 safely? I don't mind always booting and shuting down in 10, but once I go to 9 I can't get back without changing monitors and that is a pain. Any input greatly appreciated! Thanks!