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    Host file from Hell
    The 2 files below get updated 3-4 times a year. I compile several host file together and remove the duplicaes and the dead links. If you have any that are not in my files please pm me with a link & I will add them in.

    It has been updated to now block over 92841 different servers and weighs in at 3.2 meg. (1-21-04)

    I just wanted to share. Enjoy!

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    I'm sorry.. but what's this for?


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    whats this for?????
    This will eliminate almost all ads on the web. It will also block access to alot of adult type sites. In general it will help to spped up surfing by not downloading ads . It also blocks access to alot of adult type sites, so it will help keep your kids off of them.

    Best of all it is free

    On OS X and *nix save it to your etc directory(remember it is case sensitive)

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    hmm.. interesting..

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    Host file have been updated
    3.2meg and 92841 different servers

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