I had a hard drive failure. The problem is that my Outlook Express Identities folder was stored there. I recovered the Identities folder using Data Rescue and I discovered that the file called "database" is truncated.

I can do a rebuild of the database but then all several thousand emails are missing. After some trial and error, I confirmed that it is the database file that is screwed.

I can use a backup file from 10 months ago but then the last 10 months of emails are missing.

Database - 70 MB
Database Cache - 20 KB
Messages - 750 MB

I think everything I want is in the larger Messages file even though I also see messages inside the Database file. (I'll never understand the MS programming philosophy)

Are there any Mac utilities that will extract the emails from these database files?

What about my damaged database file? Since it's truncated, is there anything I can splice to the end of it to fool Outlook Express into properly rebuilding it?

Can these be transferred to a PC and then repaired using one of the dozens of Winbloze utilities available for database repair and then converted back?? If so, how?

I'm stumped and I'm hoping anyone here can help.