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    CiscoSecure Authentication Agent
    I'm a recent switcher and until recently haven't found an application I needed (or perhaps wanted) on Windows that I could not find for Mac (or at least a replacement for).

    Enter the CiscoSecure Authentication Agent:

    I've used the Cisco VPN Client for Tiger, and this was fine until recently another client had a requirement to use the CiscoSecure Authentication Agent, which is a PC based SOHO routing software along side the VPN Client. Arggh. I'd hate to have to jump back and forth between my Mac and my winblows machines.

    Does anyone know how I can authenticate with something Mac-centric?


    PS - I also have Virtual PC and suppose I could authenticate that way. Hrmm... any advice welcome.

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    I have the same problem
    Sorry I don't have any advice, but I'm wondering if you were able to figure out how to overcome this problem. We currently have the same situation at our office and we are trying to free up a PC for a new employee seeing that this pc is only being used to connect to that one client.

    Thank you

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