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    Zone Alarm upgrade diasater
    I recently upgraded Zone Alarm firewall since I'm Windows XP through Parallels. I recently upgraded from version 101_065_000 to 102_047_000. I restarted Windows only to discover I was so locked up, I couldn't even mouse over the OS X side. Turning off the computer and then restarting Windows, it would resume instead of restarting fresh.
    Some how I managed to finally uninstall 102_047_000 and return to 101_065_000. Fortunately, I keep data files on the OS X side for security.
    However I still have 2 problems, Windows Explorer no longer shows the OS X home drive as Z drive. I at least can find it under Network Places as Home On PSF But my big aggravation is I can no longer cut & paste between OS X & Windows using Command C & Command V.
    I use copy & paste 100's of time s each day between the two. Any idea how I can fix this?

    I won't lose any data, but I sure don't want to have to Uninstall Windows & Parallels to start clean. Got better time on how to spend 24 hours. I know I should have used Snapshot.

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    What about using System Restore within XP and going back to a point prior to the upgrade?
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    System Restore
    As a security measure I had turned off System Restore. Having had a few Windows viruses in my pre-Mac days, I found out like a lot of people, that the viruses some how came back when you did a System Restore.

    As I said, every time I rebooted, it was still locked. I wouldn't have even got to System Restore. It was just dumb luck I got it unlocked to get to the Control Panel.

    I wouldn't even bother with Zone Alarm and disconnect Windows from the Internet, but I use an email header checking program that they haven't upgraded to Lion yet, so I had to quit using the Mac version an revert to Windows.

    In 10 years of Zone Alarm, this is the 1st ever problem.

    I'm 5 programs away from being Windows free. Unfortunately 3 of them will never write a Mac version and I use them daily in my business.

    Anyway, Thank you for your suggestion.

    Lesson learned. Don't rush, backup, use Snapshot

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