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    MBP 2008 with No Bootable Device when trying to Dual Boot
    Hey Guys,

    Early 2008 Macbook Pro.

    Recently purchased and downloaded Windows 7 from the microsoft website. However, went to the Apple store and found out my cd-drive doesn't work unless taking in Audio CDs. Decided to try installing through a USB (like I've read from a few places).

    Installed rEFIt. (Followed a guide for dual-booting MBA with Windows7) Restarted twice to get rEFIt to show. Restored my Mac partition and then created a new one. On my windows desktop, created an ISO image from the Microsoft pg where I downloaded W7 (Legally). Used the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to mount/burn the iso onto the USB. Restarted my macbook, held the "C" button and brought up rEFIt, chose the third option to boot with Partition.. and then my screen went grey to black and had the "No bootable device - press any key..."

    I did also try the shell strategy where you'd sit through the shell, hit escape before the countdown ends, type exit, and then run the partition again... but it just sat there with the windows logo for 15 minutes.

    I've tried as many different ways to dual boot my MBP from 08 as I could find. Is there a way to fix this or any other way?? (PS - When I opened Boot Camp Assistance and tried to install Windows Support Software, it wouldn't let me and said no windows support software available... don't know if this makes any difference).


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    Also, MBP is running Snow Leopard and not Lion.

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    Noone?? =[


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