I'm trying to change a line weight for an object I've added to a microsoft office 2011 word document. I looked up how to do this in the word "help" feature and it directs me to press the arrow next to the "line" button and point to "weights" to choose a width. However when I click on the "line" button there is no "weights" option - I can choose a color and that's it. The only other options I see are "more colors" and "patterned lines."

More generally, this whole list is supposed to be contained under a "shape styles" section of the "format" tab. I don't see anything that says "shape styles." What I do see are "shape colors," "shadow effects," "3D effects," "arrange," and "size." When looking at the office 2011 help feature, it's clear to me that my format menu doesn't look like it is supposed to. However I don't see any options to change what features are available to me to view.

Please help! I need to use these features for an important presentation and am extremely frustrated that this program isn't working as it's supposed to. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.