I'm new here, first post.

Got a Macbook Pro 13 i7 mid March. Its brand new, Late 2011. I love it. Best computer I've ever owned.

So I installed windows 7 64 through Boot Camp, and use it for Office and project research. (the periphery software I run isn't compatible with OS X) Everything else I migrated to OSX. My partition size is 250 Windows 500 Macintosh HD.

Running Windows, the boot camp logo has disappeared. trackpad and keyboard functionality is still there, but when I press the FN key in order to activate brightness and volume (reversed the function through Boot Camp Assistant) regular F1, F2, commands are recognized.

I installed MacFan in order to control the computers temperature, because, unable to install other software my computer was getting too hot in Windows. Upon activating MacFan through the command prompt, it typically restarts Boot Camp. Recently however, no Boot Camp Icon exists in the notification area where it should, in order to restart the computer into OSX.

I also am unable to control brightness, the keyboard back light, or volume (through key commands, although volume can be controlled through windows native volume control.)

It may be a simple as a restart, and I'l admit I have not done that yet. I am more concerned about it persisting.

I have a Macbook Pro. Her name is Delores.