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    Question Backup Software for OSX??
    Hi all,

    We have a mac osx power mac that will be used pretty soon to backup our file and email servers. We plan on mounting the shares on the desktop and getting the backup software to back the shares up.

    We were looking into getting retrospect but I have used the previous versions before and it seems like you have to do so much work with backup sets etc to set up a good granfather, father, son backup scheme (if anybody has any advice to make this easier then much appreciated!).

    Because of this I was wondering if there are any other, good, pieces of backup software out there for mac osx that would fit our requirements. I've had a look around but there doesn't seem to be much around. Have Dantz got the market to themselves?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I really like TRI-Backup and it works beautifully for me and several of my clients.

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    I use SuperDuper < > and love it.

    I back up my root/main HDD and two external HDDs with ease, it even does incremental backups. Its not free but it does the job without having to worry or hassle over anything. I've used it for about 8 months now, well worth the money spent for it.
    Looking for a PowerMac G4 for $500 or less USD.

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    Thanks for the advice chaps. Completely forgot about this thread! I'll evaluate both now.

    Thanks again.

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    Another vote for SuperDuper. I use it to back up my iBook on a regular basis.

    It's easy, cheap, and does what it does very well.

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