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    Screen resolution/ratio on 27in imac
    Hi all,

    Recently installed windows with bootcamp and my resolution looks funny on Windows. I did the whole preferences/screen resolution routine but all the choices still makes everything look smashed and stretched. I can't seem to find a way to display windows in widescreen. I updated my drivers and nothing happened and i have the apple updater and it doesn't have anything either?


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    I don't know if it is quite the same problem as you have, but you might find my ealrier thread interesting:

    There were a number of things that I tried, eventually getting to a situation where I had a 1600x1200 non-stretched screen leaving black edges. It was workable, although a shame to loose the full width of my 27in. Then I unplugged a Mini DVi - VGA adapter and full service was resumed.

    Obviously the software and driver fixes I tried were for the Ati Radeon graphics adapter that I have and yours may be different. I suggest you read the thread to the end, if you think it might be relevant.

    Hope you get it sorted.


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